"Music is a beautiful opiate, if you don't take it too seriously." ~Henry Miller, Author

Original Pieces

MIDI MP3 Title Description
Cheer Up! A song I wrote when I was feeling kinda down...it's supposed to cheer you up.
The Crystals of Torio A song from a fantasy story I'm writing.
The Flow of Time Wingroove required. Depicts the idea of a "full circle" in time.
The Sun and the Moon My Music II final project. A piece for full band, sans percussion.
Theme of the Dragoon Knights My Music I final project. A piece for a small, assorted instrument ensemble.
Tootie Flootie A song I wrote when I got bored.
Seven A piece from my Music II class. My teacher said, "Seven instruments!" Voila!
Clockwork Everybody dance, from midnight to noon, it's the Clockwork Song!
Back Room Beat Written during band periods when I wasn't doing anything else!
The Dream Depressed and romantic...the dream of what? You guess.
Fear the Falling Stars This is what I like to call my Magnum Opus, for the time being.  I've been working on this song for about two years, on and off.  It's nearly four minutes long, so its the longest one so far.  Enjoy, and please comment on this one!
Creeping Around... A friend of mine played a little Resident Evil music for me and asked, "Can you write something spooky like that?"  So I responded, "Let's see..." and whipped this up in about half an hour.  Pretty spooky if you ask me...
Madness in F# Minor Wingroove required. I was just goofing off in MusicTime, putting down some ideas that were popping out of my mind. I liked it, so here it is.
Raindrops in the City A very cool dance track that builds itself around an F major 7 and an E minor 7 harp arpeggios, with an "Amen chord progression" thrown in during the middle part for good measure.
Firefly Techno-trancy song with a funky rock organ, square lead, stacked chords, and a dance set. Sw33t.
A Girl Named Autumn Just for the record, I have no idea who Autumn is. Just listen to the lovely theme of a lovely girl (whoever she is)...
The Town on Boppy Island The first in a series of pieces from a game my friend TJ and I are working on. This one is the town theme from Boppy Island. It's tropical, yo!
The Garden of King Ravnin Another game song. This is the theme of the garden at King Ravnin's palace. Think lots of flowers and fountains and stuff.
The Town of Los Boppos Game song. The latin-style town theme of Los Boppos. Olé!
A Time for Wishes A pretty little harp song with a pretty little melody...
Waltz for an Angel I went for a music-boxy deal here with opening in harp, then tried for an orchestral sound in the middle section.  It's pretty.
The Moonlight Ballroom
(1st Movement)
A nice minor piece with a lot of nice symphonic stuff happening.  The first movement in the Moonlight Ballroom Suite.
Fight Through the Forest! A bouncy song I wrote with a great clarinet part; it's adventurous and whimsical at the same time.
Cyan Waters, Starry Skies A piece that's a bit more melancholy than usual.  Some nice bass and harp work in this.
X Violet Leaves This started out as a remix of a song from Sega Swirl, but it eventually grew into something totally original.  An intense, funky piece, with lots of varied instrumentation.
X Sakura no Kenshi Techno track using koto and flute; it has a nice Japanese flavor to it.
X The Alleyway A slick synth-jazz with a smooth vibe and a doubletime solo section.
X It's Been Years... A nice soothing piece I wrote as a 17th birthday present for my friend Charli Lee.
X Tempest - Act I, Scene I My brother had to act out Act I, Scene I of Shakespeare's Tempest with a group for a school project, and he asked me to write some background music for him.
X Tempest - Act II, Scene II Some of my brother's friends asked for a song for their Shakespeare project, so I wrote up this little ditty.
X Distance I read once that distance and love are like wind and fire.  If your fire is weak, the wind will blow it out; but if your fire is strong, the wind will make it grow.
X Just a Little More Written for a GameCube fan-port of Sega-Swirl.  It's got a cool puzzle groove and some nice synthy sounds.
X Legend of the Starfighter A fun, epic shoot-em-up style electronica track.
X The Moonlight Ballroom
(2nd Movement)
The second piece in the Moonlight Ballroom Suite.  A haunting waltz-in-four with piano and bassoon.
X Airship! A song I wrote using only Setzer's SPC soundfont, for a compo.  It's got a floaty dance feel.
X The Witch and the Wanderer The theme of Maura Mordrellyn and her apprentice, Davin Arkov, who are characters from a Dungeons and Dragons game I played in. This is a piece in 7/4 time, with lots of nice strings, winds, and melodically percussive instruments.