"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions." ~Pablo Picasso, Artist


Finale. A prototype of the DarkeSword sprite.
The Gateheeper and Fatehunter. These guys are from a story I wrote years ago on my crappy -300mHz 386. Too bad the damn thing crashed...
Galford, from SNK's Samurai Showdown, in Megaman 7 sprite form!
Kuntaire Dest. This is a character I'm playing in a current D&D campaign. The base of this sprite comes from FF5...I forget which class tho'...
Behold! DC Comics' "The Flash!" In Mega Man sprite form! I especially like the yellow v-thing on his helmet.
A bunch of sprites I drew that depict Megaman and Protoman as if they were trapped in some SNES RPG. Fun.
So Akira Toriyama did DBZ. He also did character designs for Squaresoft's Chrono Trigger. So what happens when you combine them? You get Supa Saiya-jin Kurono Toriga!! (Super Saiyan Chrono Trigger, for those who can't read Engrish...)
Vivace. I was playing around with a sprite of Forte from MM7. Fun.
Clash, not to be confused with Clashman/Crashman...I like his gold blades.
A trio of FF5 style custom classes. From left to right, Lunar Knight, Lunar Mage, and Lunar Archer.
Another FF5 custom class. This time it's the haberdasher. A haberdasher is somebody who fixes hats, in the same was that a cobbler fixes shoes.