Me: hiya

CG: hey

CG: hows it hanging?

Me: whassup?

Me: its hanging.

CG: nothing here hommie

CG: cool cool

Me: DUCK!!!

CG: ahhhhh

CG: what is it?

Me: ::a pie flies through the air, nearly hitting cg::


Me: good.

CG: good what?

Me: they missed.

CG: ::suddenly the pie turns around in mid air and comes back at CG and hits him in the back of the head::

CG: doh....


Me: heh.

CG: darn you....hehe

Me: i didn't throw it.

CG: i know...i was talking to the gerbil behind you

Me: oh

Me: ok

CG: ::gerbil laughs and runs away::

CG: ::CG chases after it::

Me: ::watches::

Me: you're gonna trip and fall over.

CG: ::the gerbil runs through sharky's legs and CG crashes into sharky and the gerbil laughs at both of us::

Me: told you

Me: now get offa me

CG: haha, look at you!

CG: yeah yeah

Me: ::gets up::

CG: ::cg rolls over and feels something on the floor::

CG: what the-

CG: ::cg picks up what seems to be a red shoe that was on his back::

CG: i wonder what this is for?


Me: ::the plot thickens::

CG: who said that?!

CG: ::cg looks around::

CG: ::Confused::


CG: who is that? build what? what does it all mean

CG: ?!

CG: ::collapses to the floor on his knees, very confused. raises his arms up:: WHAT IS UP WITH THIS RED SHOEE!!???? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!!?

CG: sharky? what do you think/

CG: ?

CG: (hehe)

Me: i think its an insidious plot to murder the king...

CG: ohhhh, the king of fish you mean?

CG: or the king of shoes?

Me: no...the king of wales.


CG: wales? what does he have to do with this?

CG: (i don't get it, wales?)

Me: ((prince charles of wales?))

Me: ((forget it))

CG: ( o ok)

Me: actually, i mean the king of The Kingdom.

CG: ::Cg looks at the shoe very carefully::

CG: here it is! ::points to a tag that says on the shoe "belongs to king"::

Me: this looks like a job for the Magnificent Detectice Duo of Perfect 5 and the Shark.

CG: lets go give it back to him!!!

Me: the king wears red shoes?

CG: (hehehe, perfect 5 and the shark, i like it)

CG: hey, we all have a hobby!

CG: (rim shot)

CG: (ohhh, i am so funny)

Me: lets hope he doesn't have a matching purse.

Me: (rim shot)

CG: (Touche)

Me: (i'm funnier)

CG: (very nice)

Me: ((thank you))

Me: well P5, lets go!

CG: sweet deal shark

Me: Quickly to the Batmob--er....

CG: time to take action

Me: umm...

Me: where's the car P5?

CG: ! Giant Robot-er i mean

CG: Voltron forc-doh, not that eitehr

CG: *either

CG: hold on...i will get it right some time

Me: ::whistles::

CG: ummmm, the P 5!

CG: (instead of the mach 5! hahhahaha, rim shot)

Me: ::knight rider theme plays::

CG: ohhh, much better

Me: lets go, p5

CG: ummm, where is it?

Me: behind you.

CG: is that it? ::points to a small clown car::

Me: no...

CG: (hey! you messing up my funny idea? hehe)

CG: (j/k)

Me: that's it.. ::points at the beautiful black convertible::

CG: you wish shark!

Me: umm...

Me: dude..

CG: ::the black car drives away::

Me: its right there.

Me: ....

Me: well...

Me: it was.

CG: ::behind it is the small clown car::

CG: (ha)

CG: (much more funnier)

Me: you can drive in the clown car...

Me: i'll walk

CG: hey! are you ripping on my style mother fu?

CG: i mean, whoops, this is a G rated film

CG: i forgot

CG: why aren't you coming with me?

Me: i refuse to ride in that silly vehicle.

CG: shut up and get in ::shoves sharks over to the car::

Me: GAH!!

CG: just check out the inside ::inside is like the doctor who lab, its much bigger inside::

Me: HEY..its surprisingly spacious in here

CG: (you know what i am talking about?)

CG: see?

Me: ((methinks so.)

Me: alright...

Me: just drive.

CG: you drive

CG: ok i will

CG: i need to take a shower in the back

CG: you drive

Me: .....

Me: don't use all of the hot water.

Me: ::drives::

CG: i have a grill back there, do you want a hamburger while you drive?

Me: no, i'm fine...which way to the castle?

CG: ::sizzle of a grill noises::

CG: i dunno i thought you knew!?

Me: .....

Me: umm...

Me: let's just drive north

CG: so up then?

CG: north is always up

CG: see, i learned something in school...i didn't take 6 years of high school for nothing you know

Me: ::passes a sign that says "Castle...DON'T GO NORTH!!"::

Me: seem to be the expert...

CG: doh.....nice one sharks....

Me: up it is.

CG: ok.....go ahead hit the flying button

Me: ::turn on propellers::

Me: here we go!!

CG: yey!!!!

Me: ::about 50ft. up now::

Me: hey p5?

Me: what does it mean when the "Fuel" meter points to the E?

CG: ::we look outside and see a possum with armor and a rocket pack on his back pass by yelling at us saying "you take up too much air space!!""

CG: ::

CG: ummmmmm

Me: don't i know him?

CG: ::the engine stops and we start to fall::

CG: ahhhhhh!!!

Me: abandon ship!!!

Me: ::jumps onto the back of a passing dragon::

CG: Narrator: what will happen to our friend perfect 5?!

CG: who said that?!

Me: the narrator.

CG: Narrator: tune in next time for our exciting new episode of Magnificent detective duo of sharks and perfect 5!!!

CG: (gotta go sharks)

Me: peece out.

CG: if we ever get bored we can continue this stupid gonna save it?

Me: yeah.

CG: heh, will you remember this time?

Me: what do you mean?

CG: forget it. hehe, later

Me: peece.
CG signed off at 10:25:15 PM.