"Words, as is well known, are the great foes of reality." ~Jospeph Conrad, Novelist


Children of the Devil I wrote an essay for English class which contends a proposal made by a columnist about innocence and moral education to terrorists. I got an A on it.
The Stuff's Not Important Another essay for English, this one's about materialism. Another A.
Dating Yet another essay for English, this one's about dating. Another A.
The Departmental Final This is the essay that decided whether I passed ENG101. Piece o' cake.  (I passed, BTW.)
On Chivalry An essay that criticizes the feminist viewpoint of gentlemanly acts.
One Cool Guy My friend Omar Sardar had to do an essay on the coolest person he knew. He picked me (says something about his friends, doesn't it?). Anyway, he got a B on it.
The 'Four Man Combo' Approach to Arranging A small write up about my approach to making an arrangement full sounding.