Welcome to my world...

Here you will find the many works of art I have produced since the inception of this site back in 2000, or perhaps before then.  In fact, I'm not exactly sure when I started this site...eh, anyway...

Click on the links on the left sidebar to visit the various sections.  I'm a bit of a renaissance man, so there's a lot to see!  If you can't tell what each section is for, just hover your mouse over the link and you'll see what's in each section!

Oh, and one last thing:  almost every single thing on this site belongs to me.  If you want to use something I made for your own site or something, just email me at darkesword at darkesword dot com and ask!  I'll probably say yes, considering I'm a pretty nice guy.  Well, enjoy!
Recent updates:

06-12-07: Been a while since an update, huh? Been very busy at work, but I've got a new job, so I'm going to be having some more free time from now on. In any case, here are two new pieces. One is an original work based on two characters that a friend of mine and I have been roleplaying in a Dungeons and Dragons game; it's called The Witch and the Wanderer. The other is a remix of music from the latest Legend of Zelda installment, Twilight Princess; it's called Tattered Slippers. You can find both of them in the Listen section.

12-17-06: I guess I should end the year with an update, huh? Been in a major slump for a long time, but I finished my first remix of a song from an anime. Check out Iron Dance and the White Eyed Maiden, from Naruto, in the Listen section.

02-23-06:  What's this, an update? OMG! Holy crap. I have been in a real slump these past few months and that coupled with the fact that I'd been working my tail off to get my degree in Electronics Engineering, made for a dry spell in music making. But fear not! I graduated today, and I decided to finish off a mix, as well as upload two I did last year for my Kirby's Adventure remix project over at OCR. Hit up the Listen section to check out the three new remixes.

06-20-05:  Been a long time since I updated!  I actually have tons of origina material that needs to be re-rendered, retagged, and reuploaded for this website; but for now, please enjoy my latest Megaman X4 remix, Searching for Light, available in the Listen section.

02-24-05:  New original song up, called Airship! in the Listen section.

01-09-05:  Happy New Year!  The first remix of 2005 is up in the Listen section, Torvus Clockwork.

11-12-04:  Another remix is up in the Listen section, called Stranger in the Desert.  Enjoy.

10-29-04:  Hey wow another update, so soon!  I guess I'm making up for lost time. ^_^  New remix up called The Father of All.  Hope you enjoy!

  Two updates in one week?  Madness!  The Moonlight Ballroom (2nd Movement) is up.  Fall in love!

  Wow!  Nearly four months without an update!  Sorry guys, I've been uber-busy with so much stuff, like school and work and tons of other stuff.  I did, however, finish up a remix today!  Just a Little More (Prime Edit) has been completed and is available in the Listen section.  Go go go!!!

06-01-04:  Sorry about the lack of updation.  There's a new remix in the Listen section, called A Whisper and a Shadow.  Go get it!

04-26-04:  New wallpaper up, Rockman X - All X.

04-10-04:  New wallpaper up, called Plug In to the Matrix.

04-09-04:  Updated my desktop picture in the Ph33r section.  ;)

03-30-04:  Okay get this.  This time I'm updating the Look section.  "WUT NO MUZAK?" you ask?  Well yeah.  I made some cool wallpaper.  Deal with it.  Zero - Warrior from the Past wallpaper available now, in three sizes.  GO GO GO!

03-19-04:  New remix up, called The Heroes of Space.

03-06-04:  New original piece up in the Listen section called Legend of the Starfighter.  Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff in the works.

03-05-04:  Okay guys.  I know that the lack of updates = "teh lose," but I'm hard at work on stuff.  Bear with me, I'll be posting more material and older stuff I finished in the coming weeks.  Be patient with me!  ^_^;  For now, check out my new original, Just a Little More, available in the Listen section.

01-20-04:  Well, I finished my Manoria piece.  Head over to the Listen section and listen to Through the Dark.

01-19-04:  Sorry about the lack of updates guys.  I've been in kind of a slump, musically, but fortunately I've come out of it.  I'm working on a Manoria Cathedral mix (from Chrono Trigger) right now, so watch for that.  For now, enjoy an update to BeamSabre Beat ZERO, in the Listen section.  It should be at the very bottom, labelled as "v2."

12-27-03:  Well, Sohail's server got hacked today.  Everything on the main drive got deleted, so I had to upload everything again.  The group responsible is known as BloodBR, a Brazillian hacker group.  These guys seem to have gotten around; google brings up dozens of sites hacked and tagged by them.  Any 'good' hackers out there who want to take these misfits down, go for it.  You've got my full support.  My brother's JK3 clan lost their entire forum database, and all the users at exphyl.com have lost their email inboxes.  Luckily I used the obscure POP3 email, or I would have lost mine too; still, anyone who shuts down these morons will get a lot of gratitude from me. ~_~

12-9-03:  New original piece, called Distance.  Go Listen.

12-4-03:  Fixed my birthdate on the Ph33r page...thanks to Charli for pointing it out. ._.;

12-1-03:  New remix up; The Beautiful Traveller (Starlight Mix).  Go get it!  ^_^

11-22-03:  New piece up.  Tempest - Act II, Scene II.

11-15-03:  Added an essay to the Read section, called The 'Four Man Combo' Approach to Arranging.  Enjoy.

11-10-03:  More music.  Go grab Tempest - Act I, Scene I from the Listen section.

10-31-03:  There's a new original piece up in the Listen section, called It's Been Years...  You know, I really need to update other parts of this site.  It seems like all I ever really post here is music.  I should get to work on some new crap.  Lemme know what you wanna see in the Talk section of the site.  Also, a lot of updates in October!  Go me!  ^_^

10-27-03:  Updated the Ph33r page with a picture of me.  Marvel at my above-average looks.

10-25-03:  New original piece up in the Listen section called The Alleyway.

10-23-03:  I updated the Ph33r section with more current information and a new desktop shot.

10-18-03:  Changed the color of the scrollbars using some stylesheet code.  Enjoy?  ^_^

10-17-03:  New remix up in Listen, called Dream Pipe.

10-13-03:  I decided to do a slight visual redesign of the site, so behold!  DarkeSword's Page of Stuff v.2.5!  Enjoy it.

10-9-03:  New remix up in Listen called Space Drifter.

9-20-03:  There's a new remix up in Listen called Blue Skies Over Guardia.  Check it out.

9-11-03:  Just did a major revision to the whole site; it now uses frames for everything, instead of loading the sidebar as a part of every page.  This makes it easier for me to update, and the pages much neater too.  Enjoy it.  ^_^

8-31-03:  New arrangement up in Listen, called Bury Me on the Jedi Battlefield. Enjoy.

7-27-03:  Here's two new remixes up in the Listen section, called Party in the Snowland and Ancient HeroTalk about them, please!

7-8-03:  Sorry about the lack of updates guys.  I've been working on some pieces for a game, and haven't released those tracks on the site.  I'll be updating the site with those pieces soon, so just wait for them.  In the meantime, I've updated the Listen section with some remixes for your enjoyment.  Check out The Beautiful Traveller and A Deus Ex Harpa.

5-21-03:  My remix, The Twinkle Park Classic, was posted to OverClocked Remix.  The link in the Listen section has been changed to reflect that.

5-8-03:  New remix up in Listen, called Pearl Diver.